Special Edition Stapler 548E - GOLD

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A classic, well-made stapler from Italian brand Zenith, who have been producing since 1924. Zenith staplers are reliable, practical and strong with a clever design. The 548 was designed in 1948. This special edition with gold comes in two colours: a dramatic black and a warm orange-red.

  • materials: painted steel, lead free enamel coating, water and corrosion resisting paint

  • loading capacity: 100 staples

  • stapling capacity: 15 sheets

  • packaging includes a box of 1000 6/4 staples

  • patented anti-jamming device

  • rear loading, with extractable pusher

  • packaged in retro-like box

  • made in Italy

  • dimensions (box): 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.6 cm