Stationery for your office

Treat your staff with a gift or stock on stationery for your office ! 

Gifts for your staff

We have ready-made packages in different price ranges, listed here below. But of course we can make you a tailored offer according to your needs and budget.  

Option 1 - Small € 20

1x MD Paper Light A6, set of three notebooks
1x  MONO eraser
2x Caran d'Ache Graphite Pencils

Option 2 - Small € 30 

1x MD Paper Notebook B6 with blank pages
1x MD Paper Vinyl Notebook Cover B6
1x Penco Bullet Ballpoint Pen, refillable 


Option 3 - Medium €45

1x MD Paper Notebook A5 with blank pages
1x MD Paper Vinyl Notebook Cover A5
1x 849 Colormat Aluminium Ballpoint Pen, refillable

Option 4 - Large €70

1x 365 Notebook B6, grid 
1x 4Function Pen, refillable 
1x Short Sticky Notes

 Option 5 - Extra Large €100

1x 365 Notebook A5, grid 
1x 849 Aluminium Ballpoint Pen, refillable 
1x  849 Aluminium Mechanical Pencil 
1x Short Sticky Notes


Stationery for your office

Tell us what you need and we will make you a tailored offer. We take you seriously and understand that every office is different: your staff might need some very specific notebooks or writing equipment.

You can choose from our existing range, but we will do research if you are looking for some very specific products. 



We ask for an advance of 50% of your entire order. After delivery we will generate an invoice and ask for payment within 15 days. 

All packaging is done with care by our team in store. We use our personalized gift bags.

Shipping is on us: we will choose the best carrier to deliver the goods to your doorstep.


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